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Post-bac Research Jobs

Below is a list of websites and job boards which frequently post full-time research positions for college graduates. Most social psychology positions can be found through the first four links, but the recommendation is to check them all frequently.
** site is regularly updated with new opportunities
Higher Ed Job Sites
Social Psychology Job Listings
University Department Job Boards (includes many non-social psych jobs)
  • Position titles vary! People often refer to these as “Lab Manager” positions, but common full-time job titles include: Research Assistant, Research Coordinator, Research Technician, Study Coordinator, Research Specialist.
  • New jobs show up most quickly on larger job boards (e.g., HigherEdJobs, HERC) that pull them directly from university job listings.
  • Many Lab Manager or RA jobs start in the summer, but can be posted as early as January. Many are also posted throughout the spring as the folks currently holding these positions receive admissions decisions from graduate programs, though there are also jobs posted in the summer (with a fall start date), so don’t give up!
  • Submit your application quickly! I was once contacted for an interview within a week of the job being posted.
  • Unlike applying to be an undergrad RA, employers are interested in what skills you already possess, so market them (e.g., building surveys, cleaning data, programming, field recruitment, etc.). Research fit alone won’t get you the job. Also, be ready for the usual “Tell me about a time when…” interview questions.
  • Follow professors and labs on Twitter, and always keep your eyes/ears peeled! Some positions are advertised informally and even accept applications via email rather than through university career portals. 
  • If “a strong internal candidate has been identified,” the position may already be filled, but they’re required to post a listing. You can’t know whether they’ll genuinely consider applications, so might be worth applying anyway. 
  • Ask about academic/professional development opportunities. Can you get involved with projects that may lead to conference posters or co-authorship on publications? Is there financial assistance to attend conferences?

Presented at SPSP2019: Post-Bac Career Exploration in Social/Personality Psychology