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Jenessa Shapiro

Honor the Legacy of Jenessa Shapiro

Jenessa's friends and family have pledged a $25,000 match to support diversity.

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Members share eTextbook recomendations, online course syllabi, and more.

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Latest News

Americans protect their reputation by thinking about the future, shows new study

A good reputation is extremely valuable in social life, but people sometimes do things that harm their reputations.


What We Know About College Students to Help Manage COVID-19

by Brent Roberts

What we know about the emotional skills and behavior patterns of college-age students can help inform our strategies for coping in the upcoming school year.


Character and Context Blog

Sometimes We Should Ignore Advice: Even People Who Give Us Advice Think So

by Fabian Ache, Christina A. Rader, and Mandy Hütter

Surprisingly, people who give you advice don’t always want you to do exactly as they say.


Thinking Positive—or Thinking Magical?

by Trysh Travis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans have embraced “the power of positive thinking.” Others seem to be relying on magical thinking. Both come at a cost.


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Tina Sundelin

Tina Sundelin

University of Stockholm

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    New — Sometimes We Should Ignore Advice: Even People Who Give Us Advice Think So by Fabian Ache, Christin…